What To Do When A Pet Rabbit Dies

Part of life is experiencing the death of loved ones and at some point in almost everyone’s lives, that will manifest in the form of losing a pet.

While they’re not the most common pet to have, rabbits are certainly a rewarding and wonderful companion for adults and children alike!

So, what do you do when your pet bunny has crossed over the rainbow bridge?

Keep reading to find what tips and advice I recommend for caring for yours or your child’s beloved rabbit after they have passed away.

What To Do: Beginning To End

Whether you or your child came home to find your rabbit already passed or they were euthanized at the veterinarian, the process is still a difficult one to come to terms with.

First, there is the shock of losing that pet, then there is the grief that comes along with the loss.


Accepting The Loss Of A Pet

For an adult, this may be a simpler process, but for a child who hasn’t experienced much negativity or loss in their lives, it will be much harder.

This may take days before the person is ready to accept and handle the grief appropriately.

If this was your child’s pet, try to show them as much support as possible and see if there is any way that you can help them remember their precious bunny.

A keepsake (toy or collar), lock of fur or paw print is always a beautiful way of showing love and remembrance to our pets that we have lost over time.

This will help you or your child keep the bunny in their heart forever.


Giving A Proper Burial

Now, a burial isn’t a necessity for everyone, but many people feel like it is a way to say goodbye and even visit with them later on.

Children often find peace in the process of finding a burial spot and saying a sweet goodbye to their precious pet.

If this is not an option for you or your family, then taking it to the vet for cremation is also a great choice.

While you may not be able to visit where you buried them, you can always pay to receive their ashes back in an urn. There are very cute pet memory shadow boxes that you can put together as well.


Understanding And Accepting The Death Of A Pet

Sometimes our pets pass away from old age, other times it’s something that takes them from us too soon.

While these incidents are a tragedy, they are simply a part of life.

Having a pet can bring us great joy for many years but the day that we lose that animal, we will experience a pain in our hearts that lasts for a while.

No matter what happens or how sudden the death was, understanding and accepting the loss of your rabbit will help you to handle the grief in a healthy way.

If your child was the owner of the rabbit they would surely be sad and hurting. As a parent, this is tough, but showing support and love is the best way to ease their pain.

Keep Their Memory Alive

It’s always fun to create photo albums with your kids and their pets.

They can remember the first day they brought them home or other favorite memories they have made with them.

Your child’s first bunny is sure to hold a special place in their heart, so ensuring that those memories last a lifetime is what having pets is all about!

Moving On: Is It Time For Another Rabbit?

Once you or your child are ready, you can discuss getting another rabbit (or different pet if it’s too hard).

While you can never replace the one that was lost, it is nice to have a new pet to nurture and care for.

This can help you and your family move on from the tragic loss of your beloved pet bunny.

Some people think it’s not right to “replace” a pet shortly after losing them. I don’t think this is the way to look at it.

If having another rabbit in your life is what will help you to overcome the loss and sadness of the other one, then go for it!

There are plenty of animals that need a family and providing a warm and inviting place to live will not only give you another pet to love but will also give an animal a forever home.

It’s basically a win-win situation.


Conclusion: What To Do When A Pet Rabbit Dies

The first thing to do is to allow yourself a proper amount of grieving time.

Rabbits are beautiful, social and entertaining family pets that are perfect for adults and children.

Don’t rush the process of mourning and ensure that you or your child have something to remember them by.